But dear, you have no idea! 

I wish I was a rebel. So my eyes don’t see things and just accept them.

I wish I was a revolution. That for every word I say, I set fire.

I wish I was a warrior. That for everytime my soul screams, I start a war.

But dear, you have no idea! Because im living in oblivion, in a world of Q and no As. My mind breaks, my heart shakes, my stomach and belly button, they mummble and tremble. 

Im searching for myself every now and then. The hard thing is, I am heading towards a cliff, and the hardest thing is, I don’t mind falling. 

But maybe falling is not bad this time. Because when you fall, that’s when you start to escalate. That’s our nature, this is how we are, humans, we like to see a little bit of destruction. 

We destroy each other with the spoken words. I once read ‘what if we were allotted only a certain number of words in our lifetime?’ would you know how, when and where to use them? Will you still be able to ideate your thoughts and throw them out? Will you still be able to tell people what you like and don’t like about them? Is it even worth it? Because once you say something, you can not ‘unsay’ it. It’s like seeing and learning. Once you see and learn something, you can absolutely not unsee or unlearn it. That’s how life works. 

Choose your own words wisely, because dear, you have no idea what someone is going through right then. 

– Some wild, wild thoughts – 




My MUM have always been like a lullaby, a beautiful lullaby. So calm, so peaceful. I’ve always felt her heart reaching out to protect mine. 

My MUM has the best forehead kisses, I once read (in the mesmerizing book: Everything, Everything) that on average, we replace the upper layer of our skin every two weeks, so normally every scent of the kisses we get are gone. My MUM’s kisses are the ones that would never go. They are always there to comfort me every once in a while. They are the kind of kisses that will ease your mind and free your heart and soul.

My MUM taught me to be good, to do all the good i can, to all the people i can, in all the ways i can,  as long as i ever can. 

My MUM made me believe in love at the first sight, because that’s how i fell in love with her when my eyes met hers the moment she held me in her hands for the first time ever, when i was a baby.

My MUM? A masterpiece.


Actions beat words

Words and actions define us, so how do you define yourself? By words or by actions? Words are like a room, an empty, tiny closed room. You feel safe and secure. Yet they are so weak and vulnerable. We often tend to use words rather then actions, none of us is trying to step out of his comfort zone and make a powerful action. We do need to hold on to the truth that actions beat words, we need to believe that no matter how strong our speech was, there will always be a little emptiness in within and the ultimate way to fulfill that gap is to make an action and no matter how small it is, it might change something, anything. It’s time for you, for me and for all of us to get out of that safe room, lock it and throw that key far away, it’s time to get out of our comfort zone, of the WORDS zone and we’ll be delighted by the ease with which we’ll walk on this earth. Start taking actions, great ones, be like a beautiful garden where everything good could grow, make someone’s day by the little things you are able to do and don’t underestimate their power. They say not all heroes wear capes, so be someone’s hero and make them a little bit of something rather than telling them that you are going to do it, surprise them babe, seriously, beat words, beat them with ACTIONS.

XOXO -YourNorthStarTeam-

Ps; I’m going to dedicate a whole article to tell you why NorthStar.